Network Security

Whether you are Microsoft, the Federal Government, VISA or just a small business, without proper planning, you can be a victim of a network security compromise.

While you always hear about the high profile cases, there are daily network security failures taking place in today’s networked environments that never get reported. According to the 2004 Computer Crime and Security Survey conducted by The Computer Security Institute &FBI, companies sustained losses of $141,496,560 in 2004 from computer security incidents.

There was a time when only large companies worried about network security breaches. However, in this new world where everyone from the home user to the large corporation relies on technology for functions that range from email to the storage of sensitive data, it seems no one is immune to the havoc that viruses, worms, spyware and hackers can wreak.

So, what's a small business to do? How do you keep your company's network secure? Most small businesses do not have a specific IT budget set aside, much less a certain percentage allocated toward network security. Yet the failure to have a secure network can cost a company far more than it would have ever spent on security. Further, there are three things that every small business should know to reduce its chances of becoming another network security statistic.

While no one can guarantee complete protection from network security breaches, it is critical to be proactive and have contingency plans in place. One of the more popular approaches to putting the right network security functions in place is outsourcing this function to professionals. According to Network World, the outsourced IT professionals help you save time, give you access to reports and audits, as well as expertise that may not be available in-house. Bringing in the experts may be just what you need to get a jumpstart on the security of your network.

Digital Cowboy IT Solutions will make sure your network is safe and secure.