Computer Maintenance

DCIT will maintain your Computers allowing you to do your job.

  • Misc. Services

    Temporary file maintence.

    Hard Drive maintenance services.

    Dust clean-out services- you really need this one!

    System Restore w/customer's restore media.
    On-site = $80/hr
    Off-site = $100/flat fee (recommended)

  • Spyware

    On-site = $80/hr
     Off-site = $100/flat fee (recommended)

    Eliminate annoying pop-up ads and speed up your computer.

    Discover and remove existing spyware infections.

    Install anti-spyware software and provide instructions on how to use it! .

  • Virus Protection

    On-site = $80/hr
     Off-site = $100/flat fee (recommended)

    Provide and install scanning software.

    Recovery from virus related disasters.

    Virus disaster prevention techniques.

    Support for all Windows Operating Systems.

Computer Troubleshooting

On-site = $80/hr

Computer won't start?

Printer not printing?

Can't access your hard drive?

Strange errors causing problems

Windows 95/98/NT/2000/2007/XP support.